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United for Justice with Peace


United for Peace and Justice


American Friends Service Committee


Arlington UJP


Lexington jpc




Newton Dialogues on
Peace and War

Chelsea Uniting Against The War; contact:
John Harris
Lyn Meza


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Below are some resources. Please send us others that you know about: email Eleanor Duckworth at


The UJP (United for Justice with Peace) website has some great resources:

Here's a link to hearing the kind of news and information the mainstream media won't broadcast:

Air America:

Democracy Now!
can be found Mon–Fri, 12–1 pm on WZBC (FM 90.3), and 8–9 am and 9–10 pm on CCTV Ch. 9.

And other news/magazine pages:

The Plan for World Peace directs the money that people spend to favor businesses that support peace and justice: