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United for Justice with Peace


United for Peace and Justice


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Newton Dialogues on
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The need for political action by those who oppose the “war on terrorism” has never been more urgent. We need people to contribute their thinking and moral support and people who can give time, even if limited. There are a variety of ways in which individuals can help further the effectiveness of CUJP depending on their particular skills and interests: writing, organizing, planning, making contacts, producing signs and banners, etc. The most important way, however, is simply by standing with us, letting the world know that you are committed to the struggle for a world of Justice with Peace.

How we work

Open meetings – on the first Wednesday of each month.
Meetings are planned and chaired by a group of coordinators. Information and updates are sent to CUJP members via email.

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To sign up, please go to: contact us/sign up.

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